JONAVI combines the charm of R&B with the familiarity of pop to create honest, innovative music.  Her unique vocals welcome you into a relaxing, yet groovy musical stir everyone can relate to and enjoy.

In just a few short years, she's already racked up performance credits that include multiple performances for the Recording Academy, in addition to the annual "Fashion for a Passion," presented by Audi, among many others.

Her debut single "Not for Me" was released in November, 2015. Despite a marketing budget of zilch, within the first month of its release, the song garnered radio spins in 23 markets in the United States. 

Manager Joey Pore sums it up well, saying, "Her warm and jovial spirit is infectious, and you can feel the authenticity in her lyrics. She's telling you a story that's new, but familiar, and every bit of it is real. She cares so deeply about every word that goes into every song, every chord, every sound--the essence of each song is truly her.  Whether she's hanging out with you one on one or hanging out with a huge crowd, she's the same creative, artistic, genuine individual, and that's what makes her truly unique."


JONAVI was born in the city of Cebu, Philippines. From the early age of 4, she discovered her love for singing. Taking note of this, her parents enrolled her in a performing arts program called the "Center for Pop Music". Although she may have been born in the eastern hemisphere, JONAVI found inspiration in American artists like Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder, Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake.

Not long after moving with her family to Maine in the United States, she began writing songs not only for herself, but for other artists as well at the young age of 10. She also took up classical piano, which she studied well into her teenage years. Pop music wasn't enough for JONAVI though, as she began to brach out into theater, taking several lead roles in Gilbert & Sullivan operettas. 

In 2012, JONAVI decided to pursue her career in music as a solo artist. "If I Ain't Got You," the sultry R&B ballad made famous by Alicia Keys, was the selection for her first solo performance. Continuing her musical exploration, she discovered K-POP, a popular musical genre that takes its roots in South Korea. JONAVI had a desire to share this unique culture with the English-speaking world, leading her to create English versions of Korean songs, gaining a large amount of views in just a short amount of time. Her covers have even been covered by other YouTubers.

After moving to Dallas, TX to attend a university, it wasn't long before she was singing the National Anthem at various sporting events, her original songs at campus events, and cover songs at local venues.

JONAVI released a demo of her original song "If I Were" in early 2014, writing, producing, and recording the entire song herself. From there, everything began to take off. Performances became a regular occurrence for her. JONAVI became involved with Kollaboration Dallas, as well as GRAMMY U®. She has performed at many venues, from local coffeehouses to the House of Blues.

JONAVI is always writing and creating new music, and is now working on her full-length album that carries the title of the very song that set her on this journey, “If I Were.”